When will I know my load-in time and booth number?
Your load-in time and booth # will be listed in each city's specific Vendor Packet  and Show Guide. Those will be sent out via text and email at least one week prior to the event.

Can I drive my car into the building for load-in?
No. Not unless specified ahead of time. Most venues require loading to be done directly from your vehicle through bay doors. Prepare your inventory ahead of time by bundling it into plastic totes or other large bags. We do not recommend rolling full clothing racks across the concrete/asphalt for load-in.

Where is parking? Is it free?
Free parking at the Los Angeles Convention Center will be provided for one vehicle per booth only. Any other vehicles will be charged by the venue. Please reference your Vendor Packet or ask any ThriftCon employee during load-in about where to park.

Are ThriftCon employees/carts available for me to use?
Yes. But also no. There are hundreds of you and only a few of us. We do what we can to help in the morning but can't get to everyone.
Pro Tip: throwing down to purchase your own foldable cart will be one of the best store investments you've ever made. Trust.

Can I request to place my booth next to my friend's booth?
Unfortunately we can’t guarantee placing any two booths next to one another. Each venue is unique and sometimes the layout makes it impossible to accommodate requests, especially within a few weeks of the show.
Never hurts to ask, though.

What is a “Vendor Pass”?
Vendor Passes are for additional sellers to be in you booth. Depending on your booth size, you will be equipped with either 3, 4 or 5 passes. Any vendor passes beyond those included will need to be purchased separately. 
Vendor Passes cannot be used for access into The Pit.

When will I get my vendor passes?
There will be an envelope taped to the ground in your booth upon arrival. Open that. There they are.

What is the refund policy for vendors?
Booth refunds are handled on a case by case basis. Contact vendors@thriftcon.co for any booth refund inquiries.

Can I sell my booth to someone if I can't vend?
No. Booths are in high demand and there is a waiting list that needs to be honored. Contact vendors@thriftcon.co if you cannot vend.

How do I get additional vendor passes?
Vendor Passes are purchased through ThriftCon via PayPal. Each additional Vendor Pass is $50. Email vendors@thriftcon.co to put in a request.
Again: extra Vendor Passes are not to be used for the Trading Pit area.

Can I rent tables and chairs?
Yep! Email vendors@thriftcon.co about all table and chair inquiries.

Will there be a free power source in or around my booth?
No. Electrical hookup in the Los Angeles venue is done in house and costs money. Please reach out to vendors@thriftcon.co if your booth requires power so that you can be directed to the appropriate contact.

Will there be free Wi-Fi?
Unless stated differently in your city specific Vendor Packet, venues do not provide Wi-Fi for free. Most have decent enough service, however, so you will be able to complete transactions. Always have a Plan B, though.

Tag, hang and organize ahead of time.
Research shows that customers buy more if a product they're looking at is clearly labeled with the price. Having to yell over other shoppers or find the owner of a booth is a huge deterrent to sales. 

Familiarize yourself with customer flow.
Not only does the layout of your booth help discourage theft, but it also makes the shopping experience more enjoyable. Strategize your entrance/exit gaps and anticipate large, sporadic crowds ahead of time and how you'll handle them.

Be available.
Another proven retail tactic is greeting customers. It shows them who to checkout with when paying or where to direct questions if needed.
We see it all the time: the lowest sales complaints are always from the owners posted up on the wall with zero customer service. Every. Time.

Have competitive prices.
Selling high end items is fun, but at ThriftCon it's the exception, not the rule. Our Attendee Survey always reveals the same thing no matter what city: people are looking for deals. The key to success is to keep things moving.

Accept as many forms of payment as possible.
Everyone's different. Some pay with cash. Others with a card. Banking apps are super convenient, too. Invest in a credit card reader, bring smaller bills for change and print out your QR codes ahead of time. The quicker they can pay the more sales you'll have. It's science.

Bring a fully charged phone and external charger.
Nothing sucks more than 3:00 p.m. hitting and your phone dies during a transaction. Plan ahead!

What are the COVID-19 policies for ThriftCon?
ThriftCon and its employees always follow whatever local mandates are in place at the time of the event. If a vaccine or mask mandate is required, we will email all vendors with further instructions on the current guidelines and policies.