Vendor FAQ

Q: What are the COVID-19 policies for ThriftCon DNVR?
A: We plan to follow what ever local mandates are in place at the time of the show. If there is a vaccine mandate or mask mandate in place, we will email all vendors with further instructions on the new guidelines and policies.  

Q: When will I know Vendor Load-In times?
A: Your load in time will be listed in your Vendor packet that will be sent out to you electronically during the week before the show.

Q: Can I drive my car into the building for Load-In?
A: No. You will be loading directly from your car - to a specified garage door - then into the venue. Prepare your booth to be packed into plastic totes or other large bundles, and have your own hand carts ready for load in. We do not recommend rolling full clothing racks in for load-in. We have seen this a million times and it does not work very well.

Q: When will I know where my booth is located?
A: Your booth number and location will be included in the vendor packet that will be distributed electronically during the week before the show.

Q: Can I request to place my booth next to my friend's booth?
A: Unfortunately we can’t guarantee placing any two booths next to each other. Each Venue is unique and sometimes the layout and the booth sizes make it impossible to accommodate booth placement requests, especially within a few weeks of the show.

Q: What is a “Vendor Pass”
A: Vendor passes are for additional sellers in a given booth. Depending on your booth size, you will be equipped with either 2 or 4 included vendor passes. Any vendor passes beyond those included will need to be purchased separately.

Q: What is the refund policy for vendors?
A: Booth refunds are handled on a case by case basis. Contact for any booth refund inquiries. 

Q: Can I sell my booth to someone if I cannot vend?

A: No, booths are in high demand and there is a waiting list that needs to be honored. Contact if you cannot vend for the event you purchased a booth for and we will issue a refund and fill your booth space. 


ThriftCon booths do not come with any amenities other than vendor and assistant passes according to booth size. Read through this info to learn about available add-ons either through us or the venue. 

Q: How can I get additional Vendor passes?
A: Vendor passes are purchased through ThriftCon. Each additional vendor pass is $50. Email and request a vendor pass through him. He will guide you through the payment process.

Q: How can I rent tables and chairs?
A: Please email about all table and chair inquiries.

Q: Will there be a power source for me to plug in my electronics for the booth?
A: No, each booth will not have power provided by the venue. All signage should be battery powered and each vendor is advised to bring an external charger for their phones if they plan on selling through any apps on their phone or computer. 

Q: Will there be wifi?
A: There will not be wi-fi provided at the venue but their is a good cellular signal in the venue so you should be able to complete transactions without wifi. 

Tips from Former ThriftCon Vendors

1. Do a “dry run” of your booth before the day of show.
Everyone should know how their booth layout, flow and setup before the show. Doing a “dry run” can help you see better ways to set up your booth to optimize for traffic and sales. Have a friend or family member do a walk through and see if they have any feedback on how to set up your booth in a more customer friendly way!

2. Make a clear entrance and exit to your booth to help direct traffic flow.
This is essential to deterring theft. Strategically place your “checkout area: and your assistants or fellow vendors to be able to keep an eye on all of your inventory, while also completing transactions smoothly. If there are simply too many people in your booth, please feel free to start a line outside of your booth and meter one in one out until you feel less overwhelmed by the number of shoppers in your booth.

3. Have competitive prices.
Attendee survey data suggest that the average ThriftCon shopper spends $20-50 per item. If you only bring tees that are priced in the triple digits, you will likely have less sales than a booth with $5-10 racks as well. Just because you saw a piece sale for $200 on Ebay, does not guarantee that it will sell for $200 at ThriftCon. Be flexible with pricing and offer bundle deals. The object of the game is to sell, not sit on inventory.

4. Bring a fully charged phone and an external charger.
Most people will run out of cash and will ask to pay electronically. Make sure your phone stays charged so you don’t miss out on any transactions!

5. Be ready to accept as many forms of payment as possible.
Shoppers will ask you if you accept Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Apple Pay and Cash App. We encourage you to accept at least one of these methods to give yourself every chance to close a possible sale.

6. Bring cash change.
Be ready for cash sales and bring change to break bills.

7. Bring items for people of all genders.
ThriftCon has more female attendees than male, so don’t miss out on sales because you forgot to bring items for the ladies!

ThriftCon Attendee Survey Results

Use these survey results to help better inform your curation for ThriftCon DNVR.