1990s Bootleg Bart Black Pride Tshirt (XL)

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Pit to pit - 21.5 / Length - 29.25 / Sleeve length - 8

XL true to size

Bootleg XL size tag

Bart Simpson merch became so popular in the 90s you couldn’t keep it on the shelves. So popular in fact, that it led to a whole wave of small time “entrepreneurs” that created Bootleg Bart shirts and merchandise that was sold in piles. Images of Bart playing for the Bulls, Black Power Bart, Smokin Weed Bart, Mooning Bart, etc. They were so apart of pop culture that the now Bootleg Bart shirts are just as sought after, if not more, than some of the actual merchandised pieces. Here, we have a Black Power Skateboard Bart in almost mint condition. A true gem.