When is the next ThriftCon?

Our 2024 event schedule is available here

Tickets typically become available 6-8 weeks before the scheduled event date. 
Vendor Booths typically become available 5-6 weeks before the scheduled event date.

What type of products do vendors sell at ThriftCon?

ThriftCon is a vintage clothing and collectible convention. The majority of products you will find at ThriftCon are vintage clothing pieces, but that is not all you will find. 

Expect to discover many vendors specializing in collectibles, toys, art, customs, posters, home goods and more!

What are items priced like? 

  • Prices vary from booth to booth and piece to piece but there are tons of steals at ThriftCon! $5-10 racks are out in full force, plus bundle deals. 
  • Do not anticipate "thrift store" prices. Every item at ThriftCon took hours, weeks and years to discover and curate.  

Is ThriftCon Buy/Sell/Trade?

Yes! Guests are allowed one bag per person to bring in items to sell and trade. Take your bag to "The Pit", a designated space for non-vendors to showcase and sell their items. 

What am I allowed to bring to sell at ThriftCon?

  • Vendors can bring anything they'd like to sell at ThriftCon, with the exception of food and beverage items.
  • Guests are allowed to bring one bag of items per person to sell+trade, and only with a valid Pit Pass. Carts, tables, chairs, racks, etc are not permitted for guests to bring

How can I become a vendor?

  • Vendor booths are sold first come first served. To get notified when booths are announced for each event, complete this short form and we will text you when booths are available for the next upcoming event.
  • Alternatively, you can join our patreon for $75 a month to recieve early access to a gauranteed, prefered booth. Join our patreon here!

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices will increase slightly for 2024 to accomodate 2 day events. Get updates on tickets here!

Does everyone need a ticket?

Kids under 13 are free, no ticket purchase necessary! Everyone over the age of 13 will need to purchase a ticket, whether online or at the door.

Are tickets only available online?

  • No. Tickets are available at the door as well!
  • Door tickets are General Admission only (10am entry) and are only valid for single day admission. 

Where is ThriftCon located? 

ThriftCon was founded in Denver, CO in 2018, but is a traveling national event.