ThriftCon - The #1 Vintage Clothing and Collectible Convention in the World!

The Basics

ThriftCon is a two day celebration of vintage clothing and collectibles plucked straight out the '70s through to the 2000s. In each city, 140+ premier vintage clothing and collectible vendors gather to exhibit their stores and wide ranging collections in a buy-sell-trade party format.

Think of ThriftCon as the greatest flea market you've ever been to ... and then some. Each vendor occupies a space in the event, which acts as their temporary personal storefront for the day. And because of the wide variety of people into the secondhand and vintage scene, every booth is completely different based on the vendor's unique curation style and personal interests.

ThriftCon Vendors spend countless hours sourcing the pieces they choose to sell at ThriftCon, so it's best not to completely expect "thrift store prices" at every booth you walk into. Many pieces are highly collectible, which is reflected in the sticker price. However, there are countless pieces that are still incredibly affordable, some even starting at $1. According to guest and vendor surveys, most of the items purchased generally range in the $10-$50 price, depending on what that particular shopper was looking for.

Founded in 2019 by co-founders Mars Conte, David Bywater and Ken Meade, ThriftCon was first hosted exclusively in the streets of Denver, Colorado but has since extended to every corner of the country. 

As of early 2024, ThriftCon's current city schedule is: Atlanta, Denver, Houston and Portland (in in that order). 

Our Mission

The core mission of ThriftCon, in addition to hosting popular events across the country, is to bring secondhand fashion and lifestyle into the mainstream psyche. Our goals also include education to those already in the community of the countless environmental, social, economical and practical benefits of secondhand living. In other words ...

Encourage a more sustainable way of life through vintage clothing and collectibles, showing people firsthand what living secondhand can do.

Attending ThriftCon as a Guest

ThriftCon pre-sale tickets are sold exclusively through DeFy. When an event is announced, tickets will be available through the "Tickets" tab in the navigation menu and on the homepage of

Tickets are also available at the door during the day of the event. Door tickets are slightly more expensive than pre-sale tickets though, so we encourage guests to buy online beforehand. 

Although ThriftCon is a buy-sell-trade event, guests are not allowed to bring any carts, tables, chairs, etc onto the show floor. Guests are permitted one bag of any size, shape or color. In order to sell on the ThriftCon floor you must be a registered Vendor with your own booth or have a Pit Pass to enter that area during your allotted time.

More Questions and Answers About Attending ThriftCon as a Guest Can Be Found Here.

Vending at ThriftCon

ThriftCon booths typically become available 5-6 weeks before the event date. Currently, booths start at $500 for a 10'x10' area. Check our Instagram and website for the link to the application when it becomes live for each individual event. 

Booths for ThriftCon sell out quick, the only way to guarantee a spot is by registering for our Patreon. Patreon members must be a part of the "Grails" tier ($75/month) to receive access to a guaranteed booth.

ThriftCon booths do not come with any "Standard Package," meaning only the floor space is provided. Add-ons that are currently offered are limited to tables and chairs only. 

There are also Pit Passes available at each city's specific event. These are passes for a low commitment opportunity for non-official merchants to lay out their dopest finds to sell to guests in the building.
For more info about The Pit click here!

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ThriftCon Sponsors

ThriftCon hosts over 40,000 guests that shop with 1,000 small business vendors in 6 major cities across the U.S. It also reaches over 25 million people online with an incredibly broad spectrum of personal interests throughout the year.

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