What is The Pit?

The Pit is a low commitment opportunity for non-official merchants to lay out their dopest vintage and retro finds to sell to guests in the building.
At every event, in every city, we reserve room on the floor for what we call The Pit. This is a seperate selling experience than being an official vendor, one that allows for first-timers or sellers with timing conflicts to still be at ThriftCon without the hassle of securing a booth or setting up the entire weekend. 
Click here to read our Pit blog and to check out photos from past events.

Who can sell there?

Anyone with anything vintage or "vintage adjacent" can set up in The Pit. 
We do, however, strongly discourage wholesale or bulk items that are counterintuitive to the nature of thrifting and secondhand.

How can I sell there?

Pit Passes go on sale after regular vendor booths sell out. There are four different time slots that you can choose from: Early or Afternoon shift on both the Saturday and Sunday of the event. 
There is only one person allowed in each paid section of The Pit. 
The link for passes can be found in our Pit blog post.
Simply purchase your preferred slot (you can choose as many as you want), fill out your personal info correctly and we'll contact you about it before the event.

What can I sell there?

If you have items considered vintage or vintage adjacent and want to get them in front of our guests, do it.
We do, however, have pretty strict venue contract guidelines as to what's allowed to be sold in the building. There is to be no food/drink/alcohol or tobacco sold on the premises. Ever. 
We also ask that you understand this is a vintage clothing + collectible market, so make it make sense. 
If you're unsure if your items qualify, hit up and let us know what you wanna bring.

What does my Pit Pass ticket include?

Your Pit Pass includes one (1) entry into the building starting at 9:00am on the day you selected. 
It only allows access into The Pit for the time slot you selected. (You'll only be given one wristband during check-in, don't lose it.)
You are not allowed to set up or be in the building before or after the event hours. 

Can I bring racks/tables/chairs?

No, due to the hurried nature of Pit check-in/check-out process (and to keep the area uniform and safe), there can be no racks, no tables, no chairs, no setups of any kind, in the allotted area. Your clothes and items will need to be housed on the floor at all times.
You should also not bring in more than you can carry with one armload. One or two large bags max is about what will fit in this area. No ins/outs to bring in extra inventory.

What happens on event day?

For the Early shift sellers, you will line up outside with the rest of the Early Bird ticket holders. Once 9:00am hits and everyone is scanned in, you'll be let into the building. We will have someone at the large Pit sign at a table with your wristband and assigned Pit area. 
For the Afternoon shift sellers, come see us anytime between 12:00pm-1:00pm to get your wristband. Someone will likely be in your assigned number until 1:00pm. Please allow them to pack up and leave safely before setting your inventory down.

Who do I contact with more questions?

If you have any more questions about the process, hit up