What Is The Pit (And How To Sell There) At ThriftCon?

At every event, in every city, ThriftCon reserves room on the floor for what we call The Pit. It's a low commitment opportunity for non-official merchants to lay out their dopest vintage and retro finds to sell to guests in the building. And after several successful years in its previous form, we're updating the vibe moving forward.

Pit Access will now be split into 4 time slots over the course of the two day event: Early and Afternoon shifts. The cost of each slot will vary depending on the city and sellers are more than welcome to choose as many slots as they want when Pit Tickets open online. These tickets count for both entry into the event and access to sell in The Pit. Each of these tickets reserve your section of The Pit (an 8ft wide by 10ft long area to call your own) for 4 hours. They will only be available in the weeks leading up to a specific city's event and are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Sellers may bring almost anything they'd like to sell that can fit into the reserved area, but are asked to follow a few simple rules listed down below. You will also not be allowed a standard "load-in" as official vendors do. Only bring what you can carry inside in one or two bags — no racks, no tables, no chairs, no setups. (See photos below to familiarize yourself with the vibe if you've never experienced The Pit before.)

We also strongly discourage wholesale or bulk items that are counterintuitive to the nature of thrifting and secondhand. Also no food, drinks or anything else that conflicts with venue contracts allowed to be sold anywhere, anytime.


Pit Tickets won't go on sale until after the public booth drop applications sell out. When the slots do go live, we'll send out notifications to our Vendor Text List and  also announce it via Instagram. Be sure to fill out all contact info correctly, as we'll be sending important seller communications through these channels.