VENDOR BADGES - Due to ongoing theft, your peel and stick Vendor Badges will no longer be in an envelope taped to the floor of the booth. They will now need to be picked up at the red table next to the ThriftCon merch booth anytime before 9:00am on event day.

VENDOR PACKETS - A more detailed Vendor Packet with booth assignments, Show Guide and load-in instructions will be sent to your registered email and texted to your phone # on file at least one week prior to event day.

LOAD-IN/LOAD OUT - Anyone not part of the Friday load-in group (Patreon subscribers and sponsors only) will have assigned time slots to load in on Saturday morning. 

CUSTOM VENDOR FLYERS - We will be sending you personalized marketing material for social media. Hold tight, they'll be in your texts/emails by the 15th. If you'd like to start promoting immediately, click the "IG SIZED FLYER" link above!

COMMUNICATION - Send any and all inquiries to
Any other form of communication, like Instagram DMs, will not be responded to.


SOUND - Personal speakers or other amplified sound is no longer allowed at individual booths. The attendees hate it. Sorry.

SPACE - Only bring what will fit into your allotted space. Inventory in the aisles is not allowed per fire regulations and will get your booth shut down. This includes, but isn't limited to, clearance piles, racks, displays or personal tables, chairs and hanger sorters.

TENTS/CANOPIES - E-Z Ups or other types of pop up tents are allowed, but the canopy cover is not. That means if you plan to use a tent, you can only use the frame, no covering. This is a fire regulation and out of our control.

FOOD & DRINK - Concessions will be available at the venue (in the front lobby). No food or drink can be sold at Vendor booths. No outside alcohol. Ever. Never.


PARKING - Paid parking is required for everyone ... vendors and guests included. The oversized vehicle parking application will be provided at a later date. 

WI-FI - Wi-Fi is available for free in common areas (that does not include the show floor). If you need Wi-Fi in the event space, you will need to purchase it. You can purchase Wi-Fi both before and on the day of the show

Wired Internet and Pre-Order WIFI If you require a hard wired Internet connection, you can order that here. This must be done ahead of time and cannot be done on the day of show.

ELECTRICAL - Electrical installation for your booth is available, but not free. It is your responsibility to pay for and order it well before event day. CLICK THIS LINK to be taken to the LA Convention Center order form. You cannot order electrical hookups on the day of the event.

THRIFTCON SECURITY - There will be several security personnel on the event floor to ensure the safety of ThriftCon guests. They are not there to protect your inventory from shoplifters. Any and all included Vendor Passes should be used to hire extra hands internally to help with any personal booth measures.

VENDOR SECURITY - Contact if you are interested in hiring your own security. You may book security through another provider, but it MUST be through an approved vendor at the Convention Center. You can find an approved list of vendors here

PIPE AND DRAPE / OTHER DECORATOR SERVICES - Contact to arrange pipe and drape or any other decorator services if you need. These services include: pipe and drape, signs, sign stands, labor assistance, advance shipping, post show storage and moreThese services do not include: table and chair rentals (order tables and chairs through ThriftCon). 
Anything you arrange with Show Ready Expo is your financial responsibility. 

More FAQs, Tips & Tricks and the Vendor Survey Can Be Found Here.