The Best Places To Thrift In Houston Regardless Of Your Budget

So you're in Houston, looking for a place to dip out and enjoy the indoors away from the incredibly uncomfortable heat. We got you. And because we aren't H-Town locals, we put it up to our social media to unload the secrets on where to go when out hunting for vintage and secondhand finds. It may not be a complete list of everything available in one of the biggest thrifting cities in the nation, but it's a start ...


Bins, bins, bins. These “where to thrift” blog talk a lot about Goodwill’s famed Outlet stores. But seeing as how Houston is considered a port city with access to massive amounts of vintage and secondhand goods, there’s no reason not to check ‘em out here too. And based off of our DMs when asked about them, the Fuqua and Longpoint locations seem to be the honey pots.

K, this place is actually kind of insane and the whole “everything’s bigger in Texas” cliche is hittin’ right now. Every weekend Traders Village has over 2,000+ vendors across 105 acres in a typical flea market popup atmosphere. If you can’t find a deal here you absolutely aren’t looking.

New in town is Thrilller, a mega-discount brand that just recently had its first “fill-a-bag” event out of its warehouse — where you literally just pay the fee, get a bag and shove it full of as much as you possibly can. Check out its Instagram for upcoming dates, times, and when a forthcoming location will be open.


If it’s a legit thrift you’re looking for then a legit thrift you have found. The Family Thrift Center has over a dozen locations in and around the city of Houston with special days they restock on and special discounts storewide. It even has a shopper’s app that you can gain rewards on. Cheap!

For over 30 years, Out of the Closet has been operating as a part thrift, part curated vintage store with a mission to raise awareness and education about the AIDS epidemic that ripped through the LGBTQ community in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Its profits today help to continue that goal of wiping it out and now has several locations nationwide.

Much like the Family Thrift Center, Value Village boasts several locations across Space City and is the preferred sourcing grounds for resellers and collectors alike. Go early and go often to figure out when the clerks restock the racks.


Everyone in Houston proper knows the colorfully balanced storefront of Pavement, but what they might not be put on yet is its weekly parking lot popup called Montrose Market. Like, sure hit the indoors everyday for your packed racks, curated needs, but for sure also make it a point to swing by on Sundays to see what deals all the locals bring.

Located just a skip and a dip northwest of downtown, MANIA! is one of those neighborhood staples that always stocks the heat. And be sure to check out their branded flips that they drop every so often. They showcase a talented team that have been ThriftCon vendors too for quite some time. True OGs.

So remember that Montrose Market we talked about just a few paragraphs above? —^ Petty Cash is another storefront you’ll find at the spot with its doors wide open. While Pavement is more thrift and vintage oriented, Petty Cash is streetwear and sneaks. So you’ve got the best of all worlds putting it down for the community.

No vintage hunt list would be complete without Roundhouse Vintage, located downtown. It boasts a wide selection of vintage finds from the steals to the higher end collectibles. Its layout, vibe and surrounding eats and drinks makes for a legitimate afternoon out.


Another on the list that walks the line between deals and high end finds is Leopard Lounge. It two locations currently, one in Houston and one in Austin. It’s a massive store too, with unending racks and a comfortable interior. If you’re not able to make it in check out its often-updated online store.

Just as its bio says, Full Court Classics is Houston’s “premier Buy/Sell/Trade clothing & sneaker store.” It specializes in early ‘90s to 2000s vintage but also carries modern streetwear brands like Supreme, Nike, Bape and more. They are stocked TO THE TEETH with a recent viral vintage haul widely circulated online. Sheeesh.

As a high end retailer it’s always a must to come correct with shop design. This is where Centrl Sply absolutely takes it home. From the display fits to the racks, even how it hangs its pants, Centrl Sply has it all in terms of crazy rare vintage to high end streetwear.