The Best Instagram Accounts Posting ‘70s and ‘80s Aesthetics

We get it, there’s never been a time in human history when so much information has been so readily available and blah blah blah. But to be fair, there’s a lot of stuff out there that just isn’t … good. That problem is all too real especially when hunting down visuals for a design, background or fit for the weekend. And for too long, we’ve kept our favorite accounts a secret. Well, no more! Here they are, the most vibrant and reliable 1970s and ‘80s inspired accounts that can be found on Instagram.


“Keepin it peachy since ’14 🍑”

First on the list is @70sbabes, an exact description of what the long-running page actually stands for: vintage hotties. Everything from the “Me Decade” (as Tom Wolfe called it) is on full display here with an absolute visual encyclopedia of inclusive inspo to pull from. Often posting daily, the page is one of the best strictly aesthetics accounts still yet to do it.


“The largest page of 80s and early 90s aesthetics”

@neontalk is also one of the few vintage themed pages to religiously hit a dependable post count (while not daily, it still posts plenty of imagery within a week). This one is exclusively visuals from the 1980s, which includes everything from old commercials, toy ads, frightening rabbit costumes and even celebrities before they were celebrities. What a trip.


“Fueled by boredom with the modern world”

Before the Internet became the all-knowing overlord of today, people got their cultural fix by way of advertising agencies. What’s the best cologne to wear to score a date? Who is Hollywood worshiping now? Tell me what cigarette will kill me the slowest! @retroroads dives deep into the archives with some of the most interesting points of Americana.
“Pass the butter, please!”


“Fashion/Cultural Historian”

Though not exclusively an aesthetics page like the others, @laurakitty still isn’t one to miss as Laura McLaws Helms knows her shit about fashion, culture, history and the intersection of the three. Her expertise spans decades, and the imagery she digs up showcases some of the best vibes the world has ever offered. 


“‘80s kid • time traveler • curator of nostalgia”

As another exclusively ‘80s themed page, @chasingthe80s reaches out into the more extreme aspects of the time. Like, goofy mullets, awkward family photos and how normal people carried on about their day without cell phones at the ready. It’s an amazing look into the spirit of the world without the filters of corporate media.



“She had style, she had flair What did she wear?”

Lastly, we had to shoutout @whatfranwore. It’s an homage to the iconic actress Fran Drescher who played Fran Fine in the ‘90s-heavy sitcom The Nanny. The page posts about the style she brought to millions of homes worldwide throughout the ‘90s — steeped in ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s nostalgic trends. She was all the decades, and everyone had mad crushes on her because of it.