How To Be A Vendor At ThriftCon Events

So you want to become a vendor at ThriftCon events? We love that for you. And with over 60,000 guests coming through our doors this year it’s not a question as to why, but how. Keep something in mind, however, last year most of our vendor booths sold out in about 90 seconds on drop days. Yes, seconds. That kind of quickness and knowhow needed in the blink of an eye requires preparation and guidance beforehand. That’s where this blog comes in clutch.

Below you’re going to find basic info about the event and how to join in on the fun in the 2024 season. If you have any specific questions you need to ask or just want clarification on how we do things around here, just hit us up at and let us know you’re wanting to join the family.

Who We Are

ThriftCon is the largest traveling vintage convention in the world. What started out in 2019 as a small neighborhood popup in the streets of Denver has in just a few years grown to the multi-day, multi-city retro fashion and collectible festival it is today. It’s a highly anticipated destination for over 10,000 guests per event that all spend hours digging through individual booths for vintage and secondhand treasures.

Where We’ll Be

In 2024 we’ll visit 6 major cities across the U.S., some in places we’ve been before, a couple we’ll hit for the very first time. The event’s first four weekends are already locked and loaded: Atlanta, Denver, Houston and Portland (in that particular order). The others? Keep an eye on ThriftCon socials for when and where those are announced.


What We Want

Every event features over 140 individual retailers selling everything from true vintage finds to adjacent streetwear, jewelry, collectibles and custom 1 of 1 upcycled designs. Because of our vendors’ unique approach to curation, no single event is ever the same. To keep that energy going, we ask that our vendors be mindful of a few simple requirements:
  • Be an established business that sells secondhand true vintage / vintage items (defined as at least 20 years old or older) or
  • Be an established business that sells “vintage clothing/collectibles adjacent,” meaning modern streetwear, sneakers, custom clothing, art or other goods that fit ThriftCon’s vibe
  • CREATORS! If you’re an upcycler or clothing designer that fits the above criteria hit us up, we’ve got special deals for you
  • COLLECTIBLES DEALERS, do the same. We have mad booth discounts for you too*
  • Also: No food, drink or other unapproved items may be sold that interfere with venue contracts
  • And: We also strongly discourage the sale of new, modern fast-fashion brands or other bulk and wholesale items that go against the sustainable nature of thrifting and/or secondhand shopping

NEW IN 2024! To expand the guest experience past vintage clothing retailers, this year we’re looking for vendors in the following categories (and have phat vendors discounts for you if your brand qualifies): comics, cards, collectibles, vinyl, toys, sneakers, housewares and/or furniture.
*Specific specialties only. No clothing will be in these booths.
That sound like you? Hit up for more info!

How To Join

Still interested? One of the easiest ways to stay updated on which city we’ll be in next and to be alerted when vendor booth applications drop for them is to click this link and sign up for our Vendor Alerts text list. Another solid option is to follow our official Instagram account and keep up on posts throughout the year.

Keep going. We’ve also put together a more detailed version of everything above in a neat little packet form. To access information on our guest demographics, booth prices and specialty vendor program (plus a bunch more), simply click this link to view the Vendor Acquisition .pdf whenever you feel the time is right.

*And if you’ve managed to read through everything, do everything, and you still weren’t able to secure a booth in your city (or just want to give it a try without the commitment), check out The Pit — an entry level access tier that gives you several hours of exposure to sell at the event without the hustle of setting up and tearing down an entire setup.