So You Want To Be A Vendor At ThriftCon? Here's How.

Last year throughout all six ThriftCon events there were exactly 942 individual vendors that came to sell everything from vintage clothing to old toys to furniture and beyond. And because of the popularity of each event, those limited booths to set up at sold out in less than two days on average (Atlanta was gone in under 15 minutes). In 2023 the team fully expects that two day average to shorten to a mere few hours. Our DMs are already a mess from people asking about how to join the show.

It isn’t easy. But it is possible. You just have to know the schedule and be ready to jump on the opportunity when it arises.


#1: Wait For Announcements

ThriftCon plans to visit 7 U.S. cities in 2023 and most of the locations are already confirmed and posted to social media. We’re still a small team, however, so can’t possibly juggle all of them at the same time (nor would you want us to). Because of that, we only sell booths in the city that’s upcoming next. The application drop is announced via social media — Instagram always — at least 6 weeks before the date of the event.

That means you need to pay attention and set reminders to be ahead of the rest.

#2: Save The Dates

Everything you need to know will be posted to Instagram first (unless you’re a Patreon member, more on that later). Because we’re still working on confirming some of the cities on our Road Map, exact dates can’t yet be announced for future events. If you’re unsure of where we’re going next, the homepage will always have a link to tickets and info about the upcoming city.

Pro Tip: turn on post notifications for ThriftCon’s Instagram account to stay up on important updates.

#3: Be Early, Be Ready

Booths are in limited supply and high demand. There are only two ways that you can guarantee a spot for your shop. One is to be super early on drop day (and even then you may struggle to get in). The other is to be even more super early by joining the highest tier on our Patreon account. Along with tips & tricks, exclusive content and special discounts, the highest tier of ThriftCon’s Patreon comes with the ever-elusive early bird application drop.

Joining the vendor tier on Patreon ensures a full 24 hours of lead time before public booth applications are opened. We limit the supply of these memberships too so that we won’t run into any issues of overselling or low inventory.

#4: Read All The Things

When your application is finished, a confirmation text and email will be sent to the contact info provided. This is only the start of your thrift god journey though, as plenty more important updates will be coming in the days and weeks to come. Successful vendors know that the preplanning hustle before event day is the only way to come out on top.

We put a lot of effort into the Vendor Packet and communicating all that we can to make the events smooth, successful and safe. Failure to read what we provide pretty much guarantees a terrible day vending — money and time included. The events bring in between 6,000-10,000 people depending on the market and they’re all willing to shop the best popups in the building.

If you’ve gone through the effort of doing all this and still managed to miss out on a booth, there are still options on the table. Plenty of vendors double-up with friends or peers to split the cost of booths (you just gotta let us know when that happens). We also provide a Trading Pit at each venue that we allow people to sell in. Check out The Pit rules for more info on how that works.

Either way good luck and Thank You For Thrifting.