What’s New at ThriftCon in 2024

written by Thomas Starr

This year, ThriftCon is back and bigger than ever, with even more reasons and opportunities to check out the largest vintage clothing and collectible convention in the world. Whether it’ll be your first time attending or you’re a seasoned ThriftCon vet, this year is sure to bring you a ThriftCon experience unlike any other you’ve seen before. Our first show of the year in Atlanta was a huge hit, with the venue popping all weekend. With Denver coming up soon, here’s everything you can expect to see at the new and improved ThriftCon!



Two-Day Event

First off is the biggest change ThriftCon has undergone since we first moved from a parking lot to an actual expo center: the shift to a two-day event schedule. That’s right, ThriftCon is no longer just Sunday, but instead spans the whole weekend. That’s double the time to shop, take pics, check out the installations, and listen to live music. It also means there’s less crowds to deal with on one given day, making your experience much more chill. To truly get the most out of your ThriftCon weekend, two-day tickets will be on sale, allowing you to experience everything ThriftCon has to offer. So, if you felt like you weren’t able to check out everything ThriftCon had to offer in just one day, you’ll now have plenty of time over two whole days.


With ThriftCon now being double the length, we had to create new experiences to make sure guests could fill this longer time. Therefore, we’ve got plenty of installations this year, both existing and new. Back and better than ever in the Ezze Pay by the Pound booth, where you can download the Ezze app to dig through bins for vintage and special banger tees worth hundreds. Ezze is also giving out $100 golden tickets in the bins, making your digging even more exciting and rewarding. Also returning is the fan favorite Creators’ Corner, now brought to you by Singer. Here you’ll be able to shop for upcycled and custom items from some of the best creators in the country. If you’re looking for that one-of-one piece to really make your fit standout, the Singer Creators’ Corner is the first place on the show floor to visit.

New to ThriftCon this year is the Art Gallery, where artists big in the vintage scene are displaying work stretching throughout their career. In Atlanta, illustrator Sean Taggart, known for his work with punk bands and the Jerky Boys, displayed t-shirts and prints dating back to the 1980s. Expect more big names to show their work in the gallery at every show this year. Also new this year is The Vault, a special place on the floor for vendors with crazy dope high value items. If those super valuable band tees are what you’re after, The Vault should be one of your first stops when you arrive at ThriftCon. This year ThriftCon has much more to offer than the standard vintage booth, so make sure to come early to check it all out.

Additional Vendors and Improved ShowGuide

Speaking of offering more than just the usual vintage t-shirt booth, ThriftCon is now proud to feature many more vendors who specialize in vintage items other than clothing. Expect vendors specializing in collectibles, art, and perhaps even furniture to appear at the event. This gives even more reason to attend ThriftCon, as clothes are no longer the only thing for sale.

In order to identify where these booths are, we’ve improved our show guide by adding vendor categories. This means that you’ll no longer have to wander the entire show floor just to find collectibles or even womenswear. Instead, you can simply scan and QR code, select which categories of vendors you’re interested in, and know exactly where to go to find these booths.

Live Music

Maybe the most exciting new addition to ThriftCon in 2024 is the new stage and live music located towards the front of the event. DJ sets will be taking place throughout the day, enhancing the shopping experience by providing exciting background to music. These DJs will be local to every city, which means you may see one of your favorite local artists on stage at ThriftCon. Our DJs in Atlanta were amazing, curating a killer vibe for both days and allowing people to take a quick dance break in the midst of their shopping spree.

Additionally, plan to see more than just DJs at the end of the day. In Atlanta, Zaytoven and his son Zayski made an appearance to close out the show, performing a timeline of Atlanta hits to get the crowd hyped before they left ThriftCon. Expect other type artists to perform at our future shows this year, from bands to rappers to big DJs and producers. These performances are the perfect way to end the day, with the lights going down and everyone going to the stage for a big closing celebratory concert.


Upgraded Gift Shop

Last but not least, our Gift Shop has been upgraded dramatically, with a whole new look for a more seamless merch shopping experience. The Gift Shop will be located right near the entrance so it’s impossible to miss, meaning it should be your first stop once you’re in the door. To go with this new and improved Gift Shop, we’ve updated our merch collection as well. Our classic ThriftCon branded vintage tees are of course returning, along with our best-selling totes (including our famous “Size Matters” giant tote) and water bottles. Expect to see some new products and designs as well, which may rotate throughout the year. If you’re a ThriftCon fan, stopping by the Gift Shop is essential, with plenty of ThriftCon swag, both old and new, available for purchase.


Whether you’re a first-time ThriftCon attendee or a tried-and-true TC fan, there has never been more reason to come check out the event. From new installations, to live music, to an improved shopping experience, ThriftCon has never been more exciting. And with two-days to see and do it all, there’s no excuse to not stop by and check it all out. We’re beyond excited to be putting on such a bigger show and can’t wait to see you at one of our events this year!