Why You Should Be an Early Bird at ThriftCon

written by Thomas Starr

So you’ve decided to come to ThriftCon (great choice btw) but can’t figure out whether you want to upgrade to an early bird ticket. While an extra hour may seem insignificant, it really can make all the difference. The early bird does get the grails after all. Whether this is your first time at ThriftCon or you’re a seasoned vet, upgrading your ticket is the easiest way to make your time at the world’s largest vintage convention even more memorable. Here’s three reasons why you should elevate your ThriftCon experience with an early bird ticket.

1. Beat the Crowds

By getting to the venue an hour before everyone else, you get met with a near empty parking lot. This allows you to save yourself the stress of looking and waiting for a spot and instead snatch one near the entrance to make carrying your haul back your car easy-peasy. Furthermore, any sort of traffic coming into the event won’t be an issue before 9 o’clock, so getting to the venue will be smoother as well. With ThriftCon growing this year, the benefits of parking earlier will be even bigger in 2024.

The benefits of early bird tickets don’t end in the parking lot either. By showing up early, you’ll only have to go through the short early bird line instead of the much longer general admission line, saving yourself even more time. Your streamlined ThriftCon experience doesn’t stop there. Once you’re through the doors and inside ThriftCon, you’ll have much smaller crowds to deal with for your first hour. This lets you get the lay of the land better and explore the whole event with ample space and time, just you, the other early birds, and the vendors.

2. Snag Grails with Less Competition

If you’re attending ThriftCon looking for specific pieces or in-demand items, early bird is the ticket for you. The first hour of the event is when most of the high-end, banger items are sold, meaning early birds get a head start shopping for these pieces. Collectors and enthusiasts come from all over the world to look for their personal grails, so an extra hour can mean the difference between going home with your dream t-shirt or shoes and not. By reaching the vendors first, you’re able to get their full attention and view their whole inventory, instead of letting others pick through it first. Furthermore, if a price isn’t ideal during your early bird hour, check back at the end of the day to try and get it for a better deal.

3. Enjoy Activations First

Two of the highlights of ThriftCon are our By-The-Pound Shopping experience and Gift Shop. With an early bird ticket, you’re able to be the first in line at each of these activations and check them off your list right away. This is particularly valuable for the By-The-Pound activity, as our first round of bin digging will begin shortly after the show starts. This lets you get the first rotation of items and have a better shot at finding one of the hidden grail t-shirts in the bins. The bins will also be much less crowded during the first rotation, as the majority of attendees won’t be at ThriftCon yet. Being first in line at the Gift Shop gives you first dibs on exclusive ThriftCon merchandise, which may sell out later in the day. So make sure to stop by and grab a giant tote bag before everyone else to make your shopping experience even better. Any customization options offered by vendors will also be available to early birds first, meaning you can have artists start on your project first and pick it up before you leave without having to wait for them to finish other items.

2024 promises to be a big year for ThriftCon, with the show expanding to two days and adding a multitude of new experiences. These improvements make upgrading to an early bird ticket even more valuable, as you’ll be able to beat the larger crowds and experience the new ThriftCon before anyone else in a smooth, chill manner. We can’t wait to see you there!