How To Fix a Hole in a Windbreaker Without Sewing Anything

What we have here is your classic 1980s colorblock windbreaker with one major hangup ... it has a massive hole under the arm. Before tossing it out, understand this isn't something unworthy of your time. 

To be honest, we didn't want to make a mess setting up the sewing machine, gathering matching thread, getting after it and possibly running the risk of somehow not getting it right. Considering where the hole is, too, it takes a bit of skill to get into the area and make it look clean.

But most hem runs like this one are easy to fix without all that drama — and with this system, it's even easier. Let the vintage live!





First thing's first be sure that you're using the right product for the material you're fixing and that the heat from the iron won't melt completely through it. Vintage materials tend to be tricky with modern fixes, so a quick couple of minutes beforehand may save you the headache of ruining a piece completely. 

When you're confident you've got the right stuff, clear out any existing threads around the hem (if you can without making it worse). Pinch it together to see where you'll want to adhere the tape to and where you don't want it stuck. Do a dry run or two just to make sure.


Next, measure out how much you'll need and trim accordingly. Once you get it down, it's pretty hard to get off so you'll want to make sure you have enough to fill the entire hole but not too much it gets everywhere.

Lay the tape down paper side up. Hit it with the iron for a few seconds (read the instructions on how long) while running it back and forth a few times. Let it cool a bit and take the paper off. Stick the other side of the hole to the exposed tape and hit it again with the iron. After a few seconds (and ample time cooling), it should be stuck and ready to rock.


Do: Measure twice and apply once. Once it's down, it's down pretty good.

Do: Read all instructions beforehand. Heat n Bond is a big brand with lots of different options for different applications. 

Don't: Lie about fixing a hole when you list it (if you're reselling the piece). That's just lame AF.

Don't: Hold the iron down for too long, especially on windbreakers. It might just melt clean through it. 😩