How To Restring Basketball Shorts (And Hoodies) The Easy Way

One of the biggest bummers of being human and owning clothes, by far, is when a string goes missing in shorts, windbreakers or hoodies. Like missing socks? We get it, greedy laundry gnomes come and snatch them up mid-day to add to their growing government gnome coffers by which we have no control over. But strings? The fuck do they actually go?

Luckily, it's a super simple task to replace them when they're gone. And all it takes is a skewer or chopstick, some tape and a few seconds of your time. 


  • Stringless Shorts (or Hoodie!)
  • Roll of String or Cordage (available cheap at any craft store for hundreds of feet)
  • Chopstick or Skewer
  • Scissors
  • Tape


Start by knowing what kind of effort you're putting into this project. If you're wanting to get a more professional outcome, you'll want to seal off one end of the string with an aglet (we did a blog about that already). If not, just tie it off and move on.


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Now it's time to measure it out. The easiest way is just to start at one point and run your hands down the area with the string in one hand and moving the piece with the other. Once you get to that same starting point, be sure to leave extra so you'll be able to cinch and tie it once it's done. We like it a little longer to make a bigger tie off, but that's just us.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Then you'll want to tape one end of it to the skewer or chopstick. Do it securely so that it doesn't fall off mid-way. You'll just have to pull it and start over if it does.

Next, shove it in one of the holes and follow it around until it pops out the other. This is a far easier way to restring anything than to try it without any kind of stiff leader stick. And to be honest, there are "restringing kits" or whatever, but it's basically the same thing only more expensive: long rod, tape.

So that's it then. Tie off or seal the other end with an aglet and you're good. Multiple different kinds of cordage or strings are available too so matching up with the fit should be just as easy.


Don't: Try this any other way. It's really a huge waste of time to not have a leader stick of some sort.

Don't: Cut yourself short. Leave it long and cut it once it's restrung so you're not doing it over and over.

Do: Buy a neutral color. Some of those rolls have hundreds of feet you can use for other pieces.

Do: Replace strings if you're reselling an item online. It's just good karma.